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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag (MINI) - May 2015

Rainbow Honey is up for May and they currently still have this bag available, as well as a subscription spot available. If you are interested, your bag will start in April but currently the March bag is still available. If you get the mini bag, it is $10 (plus $2.95 shipping), whereas the full-size is $25 (with free shipping). I stick with the mini ones now, mostly because of how many polishes I already have. ;)

The colors will be the same between the mini and the full size bag, the mini is obviously just smaller. The scents are the same as well, but there are product differences on what is included, or the sizes will be different!

May's bag included 'Summer Drinks' which will be featured in July of this year!

Without flash.

Laguna Grande - After a night out in Old San Juan, treat your nails to a midnight swim with this illuminating teal blue nail lacquer.
For some reason, this looks much more blue on here than it does IRL. My Instagram post looks more true to life. This is such a great color with tons of dimension, and it goes on so nicely.

Juicy Orange Pop (Summer Drinks) - A luscious bright orange soda jelly to color your nails.
Wow at this. I wasn't sure how I would feel about this, but layered with a hot pink jelly makes an amazing look. It's definitely orange soda looking!

Neon Yoshimi Glitter Topper (Robots Part 2) - This glitter topper is full of black, white, and neon blast of bright glitters in varying sizes sprinkled with iridescence to make your manicure pop.
As it's been made clear before, I'm not a huge fan of glitter toppers. This is so pretty, though, and it is one of those toppers that will look great over white, black, or over a clear. 

With flash.

Products included:

Twisted Ice Tea Cooling Gel - Our favorite summer must have is scented with Twisted Ice Tea, fresh tea leaves and sugar, blended on ice with sliced oranges and lemons for a bright summer twist.
Aloe Vera cooling gel is always welcome in my house. While I don't typically burn, it is bad when I do. I love the ice tea scent, but I'm Southern and I drink super sweet tea without any extras in it. The oranges and lemons smell great added in it, though.

Mojito Classico Perfume Oil Rollerball - This month, our silky soft perfume oil rollerball is featuring the first signature scent from our upcoming Summer Drinks collection. Mojito Classico, a classic and refreshing Mojito Cubano blended with mint leaves, sugar cane, and lemon slices.
I'm not the biggest fan of mojitos, but this smells to die for. It's not so strong that I can't use it during the day, and the scent sticks around all day!

Pina Coco-Colada Scented Cuticle Balm - Our hydrating cuticle balm is scented with our next signature summer drinks scent. Pina Coco Colada, a frozen delight blended with coconut, sweet pineapples, luscious mangos, and topped with notes of lotus flower and vanilla.
I LOVE pina coladas, so anything scented like it will always make me drool. I love their cuticle balms, mainly because of how moisturizing they are without feeling gross.

If you got Rainbow Honey's bag this month, let me know what you thought about it. I'm always wanting to know if there are differences between the mini and full size other than polish size!

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  1. Beautiful colors for the nail polish. Love the rainbow glitter one.

  2. I am also not always a fan of glitter nail polish. They either leave very little glitter or WAY too much! <3 Christine, The Choosy Mommy, www.choosykids.blogspot.com

  3. I used to get Rainbow Honey. I miss them, but have more polishes than a shop! This month has me so tempted to get the mini sub though. I do love their cuticle cream formula.