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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mystic Muse Monthly - April 2015

Mystic Muse has started putting out a monthly box that has exclusives to the box only! Each month will have two full-sized polishes as well as the chance of extras. It is $24.00 per month, which is pretty great considering you get an exclusive code for free shipping with your first box. Another added bonus is that every sixth consecutive box is free, so it's definitely worth the money to keep going with it if you are at all interested. You can sign up between the first and 15th of every month, with shipping occurring on the 18th.

Box artwork!

More box artwork!

Info card. The inner grammar nazi is killing me with this card. I just want to have them let me do the wording so it doesn't turn out like this again.

First look.

With flash.

Fairy Giggles - A green iridescent shimmer in a clear base. A great topcoat to layer over another lacquer.
This looks great in the bottle. The green is evident with or without flash.

Spellbound - A dark mysterious color shifter that fives you glimpses of purple, blue, and red. 
I spoiled myself on this and I was so glad that I did. This is a weird shifting polish, which I haven't loved in the past, but I adore this 100%.

Without flash.

Full box.

I used Fairy Giggles without another polish under to show what it's like alone. It's completely sheer and I wasn't able to find a true difference in the color of the nail with or without an undie. I loved Spellbound, however, but the cost of $24 to get one polish I love and one that I couldn't tell the difference kills me. There wasn't any 'extra' in anyone's boxes, so everyone paid $24 for these two polishes. If you got Mystic Muse this month, let me know what you thought about it in the comments!

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  1. Have you had any problems with these polishes, in terms if wear? I recently ordered two polishes from them, and the one I tried (enchanted) wore for less than a day, when it became so chipped that I just had to remove it. I've never seen anything like that before. The polish was also extremely goopy and thick. I will try the other color and see if i maybe just got a bad bottle. It's a shame, because the colors are so gorgeous.

    1. Unfortunately, I definitely have had problems with some of the polishes. It hasn't been with all of them, but some definitely wear off quicker than average for me. I do a lot of typing (obviously) and I hand wash some dishes, and I've had a few of their monthly polishes start chipping in under 24 hours. I've never bought regular stock from them, so I'm not sure if that formula is different (I'm guessing it's not). If these don't work out for you, I can definitely suggest some other indie brands that do restocks enough to get polishes without a ton of effort!