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Friday, January 2, 2015

Lip Factory November/December 2014 (FINAL BOX)

Lip Factory WAS a monthly subscription box that would quarterly focus only on lip products, and other months would have a mix of makeup and beauty products. Unfortunately, though, due to problems with manufactures and getting the correct products in, this is their last box to be sent out at the time. I am hoping they find additional funding in the future and are able to come back (I'll be the first subscriber!!). Even though it's the last box, it still deserves to be reviewed

I really will miss these lip stickers, they are one of the best things I see in subscriptions. 

First look. Everything was nicely packed in there. One might think that this is a huge box, but it's actually November and December boxes in one. They did that for subscribers that had pre-paid. It was received later in the middle of December, which sucks because I would have preferred it come in sooner since they were making such a big deal that they would have them packed together.

They also did not include any kind of information card, so there is no theme and I'm going 100% off of internet prices. This is really unfortunate and looks poorly upon them that they didn't go out with enough grace to include what they always included in boxes.

MeMeMe Shimmer Stack (Gold) ($14.25) - These are gorgeous shimmers, all without any true color (without buildup), so everyone can wear them. They would look great as eyeshadows if you used each color separately or using a puffy brush for allover shimmer. I didn't think I would like it when I first saw it, but it's really very nice!

Palladio Beauty Nail Strengthener ($6.00) - This smells absolutely terrible, just like the ones from Walmart do. It states it is 3-free, but I still would not use this. I am partial to what I already use and the smell alone is enough to choke someone.

Mirabella Lip Pencil (Red Velvet) ($23.00) - Mirabella is a common brand to be in subscription products, mostly because the products are so great. This goes on like butter and acts a bit like a stain after it's dried. This is a nice blue-ish red, which I'm always looking for! I'm also looking for a few more of their colors. ;)

Be a Bombshell Eye Crayon (Black Jack) ($14.00) - I've received BaB eye crayons before, and I keep receiving black for some reason! I honestly cannot see why such a large black pencil would be useful for most people, because it just makes the entire lid black. The other shades aren't that great, but at least they aren't as bad as all black. It's one for the donate pile.

Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick (Catwalk) ($19.99) - This is another brand I sometimes see in boxes, but it's another that I love. This lipstick is amazing, as it goes on so smooth and immediately starts feeling like it's moisturizing. Catwalk is a great pink with just a hit of shimmer. It's not too dark and it would be perfect for pairing with a bold eye. 

Eco Lips Eco Tints (Rose Quartz) ($4.49) - This is completely new to me but I'm falling in love with it as I'm writing. As soon as I opened it, I smelled the vanilla and peppermint and knew it would be a hit. In the tube, it's a little light mauve, but it really just has a slight tint. I love that I can recognize what they use in the ingredients, but it still works like magic. Definitely worth buying more!

Super Cute Lip Gloss Stronger/Happiness ($7.99 each) - Stronger is a good darker pink, while Happiness is shimmery light pink. They both have great color payoff but they are a bit sticky. It can be alleviated easily by dabbing with a tissue. It's still a good gloss and I would recommend trying it.

OFRA Lipliner (Glacier Pink) ($13.00) - I love OFRA, it's obvious by now. I'm glad I finally got a pink one to match most of my lip colors! Glacier Pink is more of a nude pink, but it's perfect for lining with a lot of lip colors. It goes on great and doesn't have that stinky pencil smell!

j.Cat Twist and Kiss Hydrating Lip Balm (Butterfly Kiss) ($4.99) - I was a bit skeptical about trying this, because I've never really used j.Cat for lip products. The tube is a very dark and intense pink, but the color itself is a medium pink that's not completely opaque. It's definitely the perfect shade for me, so it's going in my bag immediately!

The November/December box is worth $115.70, which is a good box even though you consider I paid $44 for it (then). I really loved almost all of the products, and really was only disappointed in the nail strengthener and the eye crayon. Did you get November/December for Lip Factory before they closed? Did you have any thoughts on their closing? Let me know in the comments!

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