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Monday, December 29, 2014

ipsyMe Smashbox Lipstick Trio Bundle

This was an ipsyMe event from a couple months ago, but I never got the chance to rave about these lipsticks! Along with the three Be Legendary lipsticks (all minis), they also came with this amazing bag that's perfect for putting my lip products in to throw in my purse! 

There are the two compartments as well as the middle zip part. They hold things nicely and I'm able to keep track of just my lip stuff without grabbing my entire makeup bag!

The box is almost impossible to photograph. It's metallic and gorgeous in person, and it photographs in this amazing rainbow. 

The three colors, Legendary (red), Fig (dark lilac), and Primrose (bubblegum pink) all are great on their own. I'm not a huge fan of purples, but it mixes nicely with a red lip gloss to work nicely on me. They all are very smooth in application and stay on rather nicely. 

As always, I love getting ipsyMe and love the discounts and the groupings of products I might not necessarily buy. What ipsyMe events have you grabbed recently?

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