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Friday, November 7, 2014

Lip Factory - October 2014

I finally bought into another box and decided on trying Lip Factory. While the name is Lip Factory, they do included other makeup products other than lip products. Once a quarter, they have an 'only lips' box that is 100% lip products, so I will probably keep this subscription until the next quarterly box at least due to my love of lip products. This box is $22/month (and bills through PayPal for those that want to use PayPal rather than cards) and includes 5-7 products! They do have a rewards program where you earn points for purchasing in their store along with subscriptions and referrals! My referral number is 387181, and I would love it if you signed up and used my referral! They also do a beauty profile, which is great and makes me think (at least) that they are taking my likes/dislikes/etc and using them towards my box.

The theme this month is You Are Beautiful along with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am glad that they made sure to put that on the card. 

Product Cards.

I'm still dying over these lip stickers, and I'm getting closer to finding some that I can buy and put everywhere. 

First look. I was surprised to see such a full box this month. I was keeping up to date on their website on why shipping was taking so long and apparently they gave us an extra to make up for it coming in so late.

deVine Lip Shimmers (Rose/Merlot) ($8.95) - These are pretty great. I love how moisturizing they are but that they add a nice pop of color and shimmer. They are all-natural and free of a ton of stuff, which is good for those that care about that. I like that they aren't super expensive and I wouldn't feel bad grabbing more of them!

Frost Cosmetics Lipstick & Lip Gloss ($15.99) - This color lives up to the brand's name, it's definitely frosty. I'm not a fan of the frosty look at all. It's a nice berry color and holds on well. The lipstick/gloss is a little expensive for what it is, and I'm still not 100% on the company itself, so purchase at your own risk.

OFRA Eyeliner (Grapeful) ($13.00) - I love OFRA eyeliners. I've received numerous ones in the past few months and they all seem to hold up well. I had not tried their purple until getting this, but it definitely is worth the month. It's not my number one brand of eyeliner, but I will continue using them regardless!

Frost Makeup Bag ($10.99) - I'm not a huge fan of this makeup bag, but only because it is all advertisement for the company. I also am not a huge fan of the material it's made of, because it's just got a cheap feel to it. It will hold a lot, though, and that's a great selling point for them.

Michael Marcus Lipstick (Desire) ($24.00) - This lipstick is something I'm in love with. It's got a great pink and holds up well. It's moisturizing due to the castor oil in it, which cracks me up. I like the brand and would seriously consider getting more of these in the future.

29 Cosmetics Reserves Grape Seed Lip Stick (Ripe Rose) ($25.00) - This was our bonus for the boxes being so late, and what a bonus it is! The amazing color is only second to its ability to hold up throughout the day. I definitely see myself using this shade daily and see myself buying up more of these in all sorts of shades.

Overall, the box is worth $97.93, which is ridiculous for how much I paid for it. While I might not necessarily love every item in this box, I know that everything will be used. The bag seemed to be a copout and very cheap, and I'm just not a fan of Frost Cosmetics in general (due to their website and poor communication). Other than those two products, the box definitely held up regardless of the timing problems. 

Did you get Lip Factory in October? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments!

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