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Influenster Vow VoxBox

Influenster is a website where you link your social media up to get your 'Impact Score' up, review items you have used, earn badges based on what you review and surveys you take, and they send you free stuff so you can review it! It's great. You can do surveys and reviews on your own ti…

Bulu Box Weight Loss Box - June 2014

After last month's disaster, I wasn't expecting too much from this month's box. I wasn't pleasantly surprised, but I was moderately happy. My fiance was happier than I was, and that's all that matters, since it is his subscription box technically.

Bulu Box is a monthly subscript…

Love with Food - June 2014

As my second month with Love with Food, I had a better idea of what to expect. This one was better than last months, but still had things that were wasted, which I hate. I really hate it because this box donates to hungry kids but I'm still wasting the items they send me. Luckily, not too much …

New Too Faced Palettes! (Rock n Roll, Country, and Cat Eyes)

To preface this, I ordered from Too Faced on 6/17 and received on 6/24, seriously great shipping considering how many of us were ordering at once. Second, I used the 20% off coupon, which made this even more worth it (I had originally only planned on getting Rock n Roll & Country, but the coupo…

Upgrade Your July Birchbox!

Birchbox is once again letting us choose an upgrade (or all three) to go into our boxes. The items available are shown below! Make sure that if you want to add an upgrade, you do it quickly! They will go quickly!

In anticipation of July's exclusive Women's Health box, we're bringing you …

Boxycharm - June 2014

This was my first month getting Boxycharm, but I already knew part of what to expect due to their spoilers at the end of last month. This month's theme was Bridal Beauty, so of course it had 'bride' things. This is a common theme this month and I have seen numerous boxes with similar themes/items. 

Boxycharm is a monthly subscription that costs $21/month. They have monthly themes and send items based on those themes. I've seen boxes average 4-5 items, but some have more items. All of the boxes in a month are the same, which is good for spoilers. You also have the entire month to sign up and still be eligible to get that month's box. Shipping does take some time, though. They post that they have 5-10 business days to send you box out. I purchased on the 2nd, it shipped on the 12th, and I received it on the 14th. It took some time to actually ship, but came quick once it did ship. They have a referral program and getting referrals gets you a free item from their shop. 

The box is super cute! I love the printed on ribbon to make it look more elegant. (Yes, I was so excited due to this being my first box from them).

Ipsy Glam Bag - June 2014

Ipsy had troubles this month, and therefore had a lot of angry subscribers. I wasn't angry, but I am impatient and like to spoil myself. Luckily, it shipped quickly and I was able to get it in on Friday (record shipping for Ipsy). This month's theme was 'Pretty in Paradise', which f…

Julep Maven Window Opens - Poolside Collection

The much anticipated Maven window is open for Julep! As always, you can go into your account and edit your box to change what you want, or you can keep the profile you matched to in your quiz. If you are not a Maven, feel free to use my referral and sign up. You can get a free box by using the cod…

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